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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

things I'm thankful for

  • bogo coupons for my hubby's favorite soap
  • roasted garlic hummus
  • my son's new glasses
  • both of my older kids got the teachers they were hoping for this year
  • exciting news about a pregnancy that isn't mine but I am as excited as I ever was for any of mine.  This pregnancy is a miracle and I am super duper thrilled to be one of very few who know about it as of yet.
  • My dear bosom friend K
  • My sweet southern belle friend
  • my job
  • the weight room I get to use after work 
  • chocolate and peanut butter and any combination thereof
  • coffee
  • my J.J. Heller cd Painted Red
  • fall weather and being able to wear my tall boots again
  • hubby's day off being tomorrow :)

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