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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dear Beautiful,

Dear Beautiful,
     Yes, I am talking to you.  Stop looking over your shoulder to see who else is around.  I am talking to YOU!  Yes, I did just call you beautiful!  I wish you would stop punishing me.  I'm not your enemy.  I'm not lying to you when I ask for food.  I'm not trying to betray you when I long for nourishment.  Treat me with the same care and grace you give your kids.  When they ask to eat, you don't berate them.  Why do you berate me when I ask to eat?  Why do you think you are above needing to listen to me?  Why do you continue to hate me and hurt me?  I haven't wronged you.  I don't need to be punished.  I am simply fulfilling the purpose that God designed me for.  I am here to be loved and cherished.  I am here to care for you.  I ask only for my needs to be met.  God designed me to need food, stop denying me that.  God designed me to be a strong house for you, yet you are causing me to be weak and unreliable by your mistreatment of me.  You are beautiful, I am just an accessory.  I am simply your house, you are the beauty.  I long to take care of you, but to do so, you must also take care of me.  Please stop treating me like your worst enemy!  Be kind to me, love me as you love others.  We can be a great team but only when we work together instead of trying to work apart from each other.  Listen when I talk.  I promise I'm not out to hurt you!
Your Body

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