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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

tears for a friend

I have thoughts in my head that I had wanted to express but right now they are a jumbled mess and will be saved for another time.  I just found out that my pregnant friend just lost her baby boy, just a few weeks before due date.  She will be delivering tomorrow.  It is hard, it is excruciating and it is made even worse by the fact that this has happened before.  Last March this same friend lost her baby girl one month to the day before her due date.  I'm in a place of grief stricken shock.

I don't understand.  I want to make it better.  I can't.  Please pray for her and her family.  She and her husband have 2 little boys also.  I can only imagine how difficult it is to have to once again explain to them that the new baby has died and will not be coming home with them. 

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  1. I can only imagine their pain. I will say a prayer tonight for their grief.