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Friday, April 22, 2011

the first 10 of 200

At the suggestion of another blogger, I am going to think of things that are good about myself, things I have accomplished, things that I like about me.  It takes 10 compliments to overcome 1 negative comment.  It is time that I start thinking of good things about myself instead of my faults. 

  1. I took all 3 kids to a Barnes and Noble book fair by myself because hubby was working.  We were there for 2 hrs, left with 4 books, lots of face paintings, all limbs,eyes and other appendages, and also with most of my sanity.
  2. I bought BOTH chocolate cake AND oreo ice cream last time I went to the store.
  3. I got my kids to school on time this morning.
  4. I remembered to take all of my medications, including my vitamin supplements, this entire week.
  5. I learned how to change the alternator in my car.
  6. I cleaned out all the expired food out of my pantry.
  7. I have a dress that makes me feel pretty for the memorial and for Easter.
  8. I gave 2 of my kids baths yesterday.
  9. I can read and write and love to do so.
  10. I have learned to cook without using my oven or stove.  I have only microwave, crockpot, grill, and waffle iron in my cooking armory right now and I have been able to get some creative meals going.

Ok, so the list is still short but that was much harder to do than it looked!  I'm supposed to get to 200! It is very difficult still to not think of all the things I don't like as I am thinking of ones that I do like.  I'll get there though. I can use every accomplishment, including but not limited to..... every grade I passed, every thing I read, each thing I teach my children, every thing I have ever learned to do (drive, walk, run, tie my shoes, cook, write, read, laundry, iron, color, make beds, mop floors, change diapers, pull weeds, mow the lawn, take out the trash etc......) and other things that I can do or are beautiful about me. 

Stay tuned for more on the list of 200 :)

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