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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I only have a few minutes until I need to get ready for work and get my kids up for school.  Yesterday I had lunch in my cubicle but with a purpose.  I put up a few things to make it feel more Dawn-ish.  I turned my phone to do not disturb and hung butterflies and made magnet sayings. It isn't completely where I want it yet.  That will come with time.  But it is a safe place of beauty now and my work day went so much better because I felt so much more comfortable knowing that I have a sanctuary when I need it.

The magnets were makeshift.  I didn't realize until I came in that my filing cabinet drawers are plastic on the front.  So instead I put them on my lights and shelf.  The I believe in you beautiful girl one is right over my computer monitors.  It helps that so many others have said they believe in me but when it comes right down to it, if I don't believe in me will I actually do anything?  I haven't mastered that whole believing in myself message but I'm working on it. 

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  1. this post is soooo great!! it made me smile when i read it :)

    small steps like this (even when we are not sure how they will help) really can end up helping in a big way!