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Sunday, May 6, 2012


It is good and healthy to have just veggies for lunch, until.........

you take pride in and find your identity in being referred to as "the good girl, with the veggies"

you are eating that out of fear of eating anything else

it is all that your brain will recognize as safe.

 In other news, Hubby bought our kids Sour Patch Kids Drinks, or in other words green sugar water, the other day.  I didn't realize until we were walking home that I dislike this drink option for more than the health of my kids.  I didn't want anyone to think I am a bad mom.  I didn't want anyone to think that three little boys walking down the sidewalk drinking kool aid was the norm for this family.  I was just as concerned about my own appearance as I was the health factor of the drinks.  I am that shallow.  Isn't it fun when you realize your motives are only half pure? My poor children.

Oh and one last thought, thanks to my friends doing the Hungry for Change challenge.  Your posts have been really encouraging.  I had good intentions of doing it as well and have just not had the mental energy.  But seriously, reading some of these things has helped me to remember my own reasons for holding on to my recovery with both hands.  I'm not even saying it has been easy, but you guys have made it easier.  It has helped me so much to remind myself what is on the other side of this battle.  THANK YOU! Love you guys!


  1. the lunchroom situation WILL get easier. i know this, just keep doing your best and take little steps each day to increase what you eat and it will start to get a bit easier. i believe in you : )

  2. thank you Jenn. Your words made me smile, you'll see why soon when I post next :)