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Sunday, November 18, 2012

attack of the voices

not feeling well.  two of three kids are sick, like fevers and wicked cough kind of sick. struggling today.  my voices informed me that Hubby is a better mom than I have ever been.  he cleans and keeps up with the housework that I have never ever been able to.  there is no searching through piles of laundry to find school clothes anymore.  the longest the dishes have been behind was one day and that was due to sickness.  somehow he can do everything that I couldn't when I was the one home all day.  that was the last and most devastating of a string of attacking thoughts.  and now I'm going to go cry to bed and hope tomorrow sounds less painful in my head.


  1. dear dawn, you have put so much love and energy into your family and your home, and all while engaged in this full-time battle with serious illness. no one could ask for more than what you have given; no one could do better than you have with the cards you have been dealt. you do a stunning job, my friend. you do it with so much faith and strength. your boys are going to be so proud to have been raised by you.