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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

politically incorrect

I'm going to say something that not everyone will like.  I wanted to say this on Facebook the other day but then realized that it would create a firestorm and I didn't want to deal with a firestorm.  So I'm going to say it here because this is MY space and I can say how I truly feel.  It isn't ed related.  And though some may take this as a political statement, it isn't.

I've been intentional sharing good things, things I'm thankful for, bright spots on Facebook.  On my dad's birthday I wanted to say this:  I'm grateful that 70 years ago abortion was illegal.  Because of that fact my dad is here and I'm grateful for him.

Realizing that it sounded really political and especially in an election year when nearly everyone on Facebook is up in a tizzy about their candidate, or better said attacking the opposing candidate and their supporters, I knew that Facebook was not the forum to share that thought.  It isn't political.  It is my reality.  I would not be here if abortion had been legal then.  My grandmother told my father when abortion was legalized that if it had been legal when she was pregnant with him she absolutely would have aborted.  She didn't  want to have a baby.  Her marriage was rocky, she had another child from a prior marriage already.  This was in the 40's when remarriage was not a popular thought and babies from different fathers was a sign of disgrace.

For me, the statement is simply that I am grateful and yet always amazed at how many people are affected by our lives.  I'm amazed that butterfly wings can set waves in motion.  I'm amazed that no matter how insignificant we may feel, our lives really do touch so many others.  And I'm grateful that my life exists because my grandmother didn't have the choice over her son's life.  I'm grateful for the thousands of people his life has touched.  And I'm grateful that I get to call him Daddy.

*** I know this won't be a popular post.  You don't have to agree with me, I know MANY don't.  Just no attackin please!***


  1. sometimes i think it is the reverberations of the small moments, the things we do that are like butterfly wings, that make it easiest for me to see that life has been worthwhile.