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Monday, August 30, 2010

angel of light

 I have found that Satan's tricks are not new.  When he tempted Eve in the garden, he simply said, "Did God really say THAT?"  When he tempted Jesus he used scripture.  He sounds good when he starts, but you don't get the whole picture.  Like for instance, I found myself one day thinking about in Proverbs how often it is mentioned that the Lord hates lying lips.  I suddenly thought, if God hates lying lips and I am obviously lying to both myself and those around me, does God hate me? Or what about in our pastors sermon when he was talking about being a Christian means deny yourself (check, pretty sure not eating counts as denying myself), take up your cross (check, I would consider this to be a cross of sorts.  It is definitely a burden).  Hmmm, I guess I've got that one.  But don't forget the rest of it, and follow me (I don't think that abusing my body actually is what God would have me doing and I'm pretty sure since it is sin that it is following sin not Christ). But I just find it to be interesting how Satan will take a truth and distort it.  That seems to be his best line of attack.  "Did God really say........?"  "Well, you know the Bible and the Word does say......."  Definitely a great reason to keep my nose in the Bible and hear what Christ really does say not what my temptations are saying to me.

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