child of God, wife, mother, recovering anorexic who longs to see the beauty in herself that she sees in the world around her

Monday, March 19, 2012

feelings and truth

Totally not feeling the self love today.  Not liking my body.  Not liking my emotions.  Not liking my insufficiency at maintaining my house or cooking healthy meals for my family.  Just not feeling the love today.  But my feelings don't change what is true.  Here's to hoping that what is true will change my feelings.

  • I am enough just the way I am.  
  • I am loved and accepted exactly how I am.
  • I am a daughter of God, made in His image to reflect His beauty.
  • Beauty isn't in the size of my hips or thighs.
  • My value doesn't come from a perfect body, a clean house, well behaved children, a great marriage.  My value lies in the fact that God created me.
  • an ice cream bar is not the devil and having one occasionally won't kill me or inflate me 3,000 lbs
  • I am not a super model but I am still beautiful in my own right.  (That was unbelievably difficult to type and I'm forcing myself to not backspace this whole sentence.)
  • I am worth the time.
  • I have something valuable to offer. 
  • I have a voice and things to say and that doesn't make me difficult, contrary, or ungodly.  It makes me who God designed me to be.
  • I'm worth protecting.
Some of those are significantly harder than others to believe much less feel. 


  1. These are great truths to remember. Are the purple ones harder to believe? I pray you can begin to believe all of them and know them in your deepest, innermost being.

  2. yep. Purple ones have me nearly in tears just when I read them. I don't believe them at all, at least not very often, or feel them. They are purple because my friend swears there is a lilac voice that is true that combats the orange voice that lies.