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Thursday, October 13, 2011

things to be thankful for

  • my son looking small because today was pajama day at school.  He looks so cute in his jammies!
  • having my computer upstairs
  • my oldest finally having his own room so we can put him to bed at the same time as my middle child without them keeping each other up all night
  • having a friend with tools and skills to help us with Hubby's brakes this weekend
  • a working washer and dryer
  • a working dishwasher
  • my middle child's smile with his 2nd front "man tooth" coming in
  • coffee
  • reading Breaking Dawn (again!)
  • Amy, Sarah, Kathie, Denise
  • my amazing Hubby 
  • that it is true about getting older making certain aspects of marriage even better ; )
  • meds that are starting to help and that I'm not too tired to realize they are starting to help
  • that my oldest had a rough day at school yesterday and wanted me to hang out with him.  Love that my presence still makes life right again for him!

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