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Monday, August 27, 2012

truth and humor

There is far too much going on in my brain.  Hubby often tells me that the best way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.  So I guess tonight the elephant in my brain will be tackled one subject at a time. 

I read an interesting statement on my daily calendar earlier this month that has stuck with me. 
"When we are lost, when we are homeless, 
when we've spent years separated from who we are,
threats of failed hearts or joint pressure don't move us.
Dying does not frighten those who are already half dead."
Ganeen Roth

And there it is, the words I have been trying to verbalize for ages of why knowing that an ed is killing you doesn't make the behaviors stop.  It is because you are already half dead.  We know heart attacks happen, kidneys fail, bodies shut down and yet it isn't enough.  Why?  Because dying isn't enough to scare someone who is half dead.  To be quite honest, living is way scarier than dying when you are already half dead.

And now for a funny picture to deliver a truth that I am trying desperately to internalize.  You can thank one of my Facebook friends for this......


  1. Never heard that line about eating an elephant one bite at a time, but it makes so much sense! As does the quote... great piece!

  2. mm, I love Geneen Roth. that is a very true quote.