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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm ok

I'm beyond exhausted and my bed is calling my name but since I have had a few people notice that I haven't blogged in a while and were asking if I'm ok, I thought I'd better give a quick update.  The day after my last post, my medicine started really working and I started feeling more like myself again.  I'm eating again and more and more meals are becoming enjoyable.  I haven't hated myself for eating since Red Lobster.  I am learning, rather slowly but still learning, to give myself the grace I would give to my kids.  That is a hard task!  I am looking at some relationships in my life that have been complicated and trying to figure out my feelings.  It is hard when I feel positive and negative emotions towards a person I love in the same breath.  It is a bit confusing at times and emotionally conflicting.  How can I love and resent someone to both extremes so much? Anyway, that will have to do for tonight.  To wrap it up, yeah I am ok and thanks for checking up on me my friends :) 


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