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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

10 lbs, seriously??????

Quick update as to direction for prayers.  Today I went to the doctors for a med's check.  First of all the nurse had to ask if I was breathing when she did my oxygen levels because the levels were low.  I wasn't breathing, I was panicing.  She had just weighed me and I have gained 10 lbs since my last visit in early October.  How on earth???????  My doctor says I am in the normal range, perfect weight.  I reminded her that I was in the normal range last time and that was 10lbs lighter!  She told me that I was in the very low end of the normal range then and now am smack in the middle, right where she wants me to be.  It may be healthy, but it is still scary!  I was honest enough to tell her my meds aren't working the best.  One of them I hate and only take a couple of times a week because I hate how it makes me feel.  And oddly enough I even told her of some of the stuff that stays in my head, not for public viewing.  She decided that it sounds like I need to try a new med.  I should be doing well not just barely stable with some great days and some extrememly low days.  My good days are still really good, my bad days are still really bad. Meals have already been a struggle for me for the last week, today did not make it any easier.  I have been eating when my family is eating but I don't make anything for just me during the day.  I am tired.  All the time I am exhausted.  Food doesn't seem to be the bigger priority at the moment, I'd rather sleep.

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