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Monday, December 20, 2010

But I'm a mom

So today I was given the assignment of finding ways to pamper myself to help prevent the anxiety from becoming full blown.  Ideas included a hot bath, listening to music, and anything that is done for ME.  So I came home determined to do something for me.  And so I sit here typing with the fingernails on my right hand "Honeymoon Red".  Why just my right hand?  Well any mom can tell you that to paint both hands while the kids are awake will most definitely end in disaster and ruined nails.  It's been years since I've painted my nails.  Why?  Because I just don't have time in the midst of taking care of everyone to worry about my nails.  But I am sending my kids a very wrong message that I don't need to be taken care of.  Of course I have responsibilities and need to care for my family, but what do I teach them if I never take the time to take care of myself as part of my family?  So it may be one hand at a time and rather slowly, but today I'm going to have bright red Christmasy fingernails.  Why? Simply because it made me smile to buy nail polish called "Honeymoon Red".  I hope that counts as pampering me because it surely feels like a big splurge!

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