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Thursday, December 30, 2010

should, need to, and survive

I haven't blogged for a bit.  I could say that it was because of the holidays, which would be partially true.  I could say it was because hubby has been on graveyard shifts for the past 3 weeks, which again would be partially true.  I could even say that my kids have had a heck of a time going to bed with daddy gone and bedtime has taken hours every night, which, once again, would be partially true.  Or I could just tell you the truth that I am in survival mode and don't really feel much like exposing my heart right now.  I am eating dinner tonight at the request of should's and need to's and love for my husband.  I have however passed the point of caring about dinner.  Should have eaten before date night, I suppose, when I still wanted to eat.  Food is a daily decision for me.  I liked the days when it came naturally better.  Making a concentrated effort to eat regularly is getting old.  I guess maybe should's aren't always a bad thing; after all, they have me eating.......or at least trying.

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