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Sunday, December 5, 2010

told you today would be better

Yes, it is true, today is much better than yesterday.  I feel less like a Scrooge and more like myself as far as Christmas is concerned.  I have been able to bless 3 different people today with random acts of kindness.  We spent a good portion of the day as a family with our friends.  The time was refreshing, not to mention productive.  I am still annoyed but I'm not angry.  I woke up this morning before the kids and hubby was already awake.  I looked outside and mentioned that I really wanted to curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a good novel.  Instead this morning I was annoyed with my kids that the house was such a mess that I couldn't feel right about sitting down to read and annoyed with my circumstances because I wanted to read for fun and yet the book I am reading right now is one Carol gave me to read and it is for recovery not entertainment.  Haven't had much desire to eat the last couple of days but haven't specifically avoided meals either.  I have missed a few but I have eaten when I'm with people.  Rough? Yes.  Managable? Yes.  God is still good and still on His throne?  ABSOLUTELY!

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