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Thursday, June 23, 2011

random observation and a really good link

I have had a random observation.  Last week when we were at Elitch's I realized that having a tattoo does not make you any different from anyone else.  More people have them than don't, I have come to believe.   Having a tattoo doesn't make you different anymore than having a fingerprint makes you different.  Though everyone has a fingerprint, everyone's fingerprint is different.  Having a tattoo doesn't make me special.  Knowing what it means to me does.  I don't really care if anyone else likes it or understands it.  I don't even care if people think I'm stuck on myself because the words say, "The king is enthralled with your beauty".  I look in the mirror at my tattoo on those rough days and I remember that God made me to soar, that He carries me through, and that He finds me beautiful.  My parents despise my tattoo.  I don't really care.  They don't know why I got it and will probably never ask why or what it means to me.  That is ok because it is not for them anyway, it's for me. I love having a permanent reminder every single day that someone sees beauty in me, and not just anyone, but the Creator of the universe!  I may not always see the beauty, but my King does.  And that is truth. And that is the truth that matters.

I know you've already seen it, it still makes me smile though :)

I was reading the blog of a friend of mine and she linked this blog.  I'm not much on fashion blogs usually.  I tend to feel like they are telling me how terrible my wardrobe is and that I'll just never quite make it in life if I don't do the dishes in heels or chase my kids in mini-skirts.  This blog was different though.  This blog was quite the opposite, actually.  This blog tells the fashion industry, mostly politely, to back off and let women be women.  I really liked the post.  If you have a minute, hop on over and read it.

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