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Sunday, June 26, 2011

things I am thinking about tonight

  • looking for a new church, maybe.  I love our church.  The sermons are awesome and the people genuine.  This morning, for the 1st time, I checked the distance bc I was running low on gas.  Our church is 20 miles away!  And every week my kids are asking if they have to go and if they can stay with Grammy while I go.  Praying about that one.  Really want God's direction.
  • I interview for the job tomorrow morning.  While on one hand I feel fairly confident, I am all kinds of butterflies in my stomach about it.  My work experience for the last 9 years has been rearing children not earning a paycheck.  What if I have totally forgotten how to present myself as an asset to a company and bomb the interview?  
  • if I get the job, I will soon need new clothes.  My current "work" clothes are shorts, tank tops, sundresses and jeans.  My work as a mom requires comfort not closed toe shoes and shirts that cover up my tattoo!  
  • I have a lot to get done before I have people over to my house on Wednesday for a girls night out/Miche purse party.  Wishing I had a house elf!  
  • Tomorrow after the interview I have a planning meeting for next year's MOPS.  I'm beyond excited to have accepted a new position in MOPS but also nervous because it is both a new position and a new(er) group.  I am leaving my beloved group that I have been at for 8 years and going to help out my friend who last year just started a new group at her church.  
  • I wonder if my kids are going to melt down tomorrow with doing a park with my friend while I am in the interview and then doing a park VBS in the afternoon while I meet about MOPS.  Tomorrow night could be an ice cold beer for mamma and early bedtime for kiddos kind of a day!
  • and a closing thought that has been on my mind all day, God is faithful even when I am not.  His faithfulness does not depend on me being faithful, it does not depend on anything I do, it does not depend on how much faith I have.  His faithfulness is constant and never changing.


  1. i should come be your house elf; i love chores and i'm going to be tired of here before october. teehee.

  2. you are so funny! I read about how you spend your mornings cleaning up just because you can and it makes me smile. I wish I had that gene!