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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Twilight Lover's Annonymous

Hi, my name is Dawn and I am a Twi-dork.  Yes it is true, I love the Twilight Saga.  I am giddy happy today because I just saw the trailer for Breaking Dawn.  I am stupid excited for that movie to come out in November, to the point of nearly wanting to wish the summer away.  I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I love the books well enough to have read them and re-read them.  I own the movies.  I buy them on release date.

So, while I am a dork and in love with Twilight, I am going to still claim this as a win.  Seeing the trailer this morning was just the thing to put a smile on my face and a little bit of a bounce in my step.  I am stupid excited for the new movie.  Anyway around it, it is something making me happy today, something I can look forward to, something that makes my day smiley and giddy.  I'll take smiley and giddy, no matter the cause :)

do you have any guilty pleasures? Maybe something, like me with Twilight, that you are embarrassed that you enjoy it so much? Any movies coming out that you want to see badly enough to pay full price and see on opening day/week?


  1. Haven't read any. I'll have to check that out :)