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Saturday, July 9, 2011

happy, sad, crazy, loved, hopeful, despairing......

Today I spent a great day with an old friend (who I was thrilled to see looking like a woman again rather than a skeleton).  We've been together since high school and been through lots of crazy stuff together.  It was fun to spend the entire morning with her.

I came home to my box from my Miche party in the living room.  I'm not even close to patient when it comes to new toys in my house so I tore the box open and pulled out my new purses.  Soooooo cute!  I love being the hostess and getting the free/discounted stuff.

My kids are in the mountains enjoying their first ever fishing trip with Grandma and Grandpa.  My house was quiet.  Hubby took me on a date.  We had a gift card for our favorite bbq restaurant.  Time with my favorite person in the world always makes for a nice evening!

So why am I so sad?  I have had a fabulous day.  I even enjoyed my day as it was happening, not just in thinking back on it. I have no real reason for feeling like curling up in a ball and sobbing uncontrollably.  How is it possible to be completely content and in love with my life and completely broken and consumed all in the same breath?  How can I enjoy life and be dissatisfied with it at the same moment?  Have I finally completely lost my mind?  This makes no sense to my brain.

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  1. when that happens to me, it's because of the parts of me that are afraid of being happy and think i don't deserve it.