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Sunday, July 17, 2011

things that annoy me

  • teenage girls running through Target, yelling across the store at each other, pushing each other in the cart, yelling some more, laughing louder than anyone should physically be able to laugh and then thinking they are cool for shouting spells from Harry Potter.  Have I ever mentioned how glad I am to no longer be a teenager?
  • though I am pro-life and not ashamed of that stance, I find it unacceptable to see 5 ft tall signs with pictures of aborted babies on the corner of  very busy intersection where my kids and other kids could see.  Thankfully that trip the kids weren't in the car and were not exposed to the gruesome pictures that I was exposed to.
  • people texting during movies.  Seriously?  Why would you pay the money to see a movie on opening day only to spend 1/4 of the movie checking your phone and responding to the messager?  And seriously, who would want to pay attention to their phone with Harry Potter 7.2 playing????
  • my neighbor kids who were wondering if we had any fireworks to sell at our garage sale.  Uh, no, they are illegal here!  And then that they found some from somewhere and have been setting them off for the past 2 days.
  • the customer service at McDonald's.  I had to return a Redbox rental anyway so I was ordering something for hubby.  I looked up at the menu and asked a question.  No response.  I asked again.  Then he says, "Yo, what do you want already?"  Taken aback that he spoke to me like that I looked at him to see it was not me he was talking to but rather he had answered his cell phone WHILE I WAS ORDERING!  I informed him that he was rude and I was taking my business elsewhere.  Hubby got Arby's instead.
  • Children on my street who have no regard for cars and dash in front of your car as you are backing out or driving down the street.  One was almost hit last month.  The child yelled at the car who had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting the child who appeared from nowhere in front of his car.  (Is it really bad that hubby and I privately call the 2 little girls who are the absolute worst about street safety, the suicide twins?)
  • busting our backsides to have a garage sale that only brought in $40.  Um, can you say Goodwill pickup?
  • the friend of my kids who we see regularly who brings out the worst in my middle child and I spend a good portion of my day breaking up fights
  • when my kids play Lego Pirates on my progress and buy characters instead of letting me save up my studs to buy the big things that will actually help in the game.  (I'm not a video game junkie, just Lego Pirates and Lego Harry Potter!)

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  1. Those aborted fetus posters
    So wrong