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Sunday, July 17, 2011

things that make me smile :)

  • date night with hubby to see the final Harry Potter movie
  • Miche purses, I think I may be addicted!
  • an iced venti non fat 7 pump vanilla latte to start my morning
  • sleeping till 9 because the kids spent the night with grandma
  • my hubby having been on vacation this past week
  • celebrating hubby's birthday on Wed and actually for the first time in years he was surprised by his gift
  • looking at the hard work I've done to make hubby a Yankee wall to hang all of his memorabilia.  I'll post pics when I'm done with the wall, but so far it looks awesome!
  • hubby renting Lego Pirates of the Caribbean again on his birthday.  That game is ridiculously fun and I wish we owned it instead of renting it.
  • margarita grilled chicken from Chili's
  • any time spent talking to or texting my favorite southern belle.  Girl, you make me happy every time I think about you!
  • after 13 years, finally being smart enough to Google the translation of the postcard I had made for hubby (then fiancee) in France.  It's a picture of me kissing a gorilla and the words say, "you have beautiful eyes, you know."
  • having my kids back home in their own beds after a night away
  • Sonic happy hour = large ice tea with lemon.  mmmmmmm, thank you hubby for that.
  • an email from an old friend just checking in
  • puzzles
  • my new job and getting to see adults again and that they will do complete tuition reimbursement if I choose to pursue a degree
  • that after over 12 years of marriage, hubby still does silly things like use my pants for a hand towel.  He thinks it is funny to see wet hand prints on my butt :)

1 comment:

  1. I love that your happy list is so much longer than your annoyed list! THAT makes ME happy :)

    I need to look into this Miche purse thing. I keep hearing you talk about it, and I keep meaning to investigate! I'm an accessory junkie. It's really a problem.

    You make me very happy, too, my little Yankee Doodle! :)