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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

3 steps forward, 2 1/2 steps back

Probably the easiest way to update is to copy the email that I sent to my Bible study and a couple of close friends.
Hey my dear friends and prayer partners.  The past 3 weeks in my battle with anorexia have been really rough for me.  I felt like I was making good progress but it seems like 3 steps forward 2 1/2 steps back.  Yesterday I intentionally engaged in activities that I know to be triggering for me and I'm really struggling.  Just wanted to ask you to continue to cover me in prayer. Please pray for grace and strength for each day as it comes, to be able to give myself grace when I blow it (like I totally did yesterday), and pray for healing both mentally and physically as I am retraining my mind and my body to appreciate food again. This is one difficult journey! Thanks ladies for your kindness, your support, your prayers and your love.  You make this journey bearable.  Love you!

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