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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I am not a poker player

There is a reason I don't play cards.  I have a terrible poker face.  To both my dismay and my relief, my husband knows this.  He just saw me look at a paper and make a face.  What was the face?  Nothing. What was the face? Nothing! Fine then, what was the paper?  I had my annual woman exam today and each time I see my doctor they give me a paper with my current medical status (current meds, active diagnoses, body measurements, vitals etc).  That was the paper.  The look came that I am down 4 lbs since my last visit to my doctor which was only 2 weeks ago.  Hubby is a bit concerned.  I told him I like the numbers.  He doesn't.  So for the sake of healing, I am glad I don't have a poker face and my hubby can read my face like a book.  But for the sake of not eating nor wanting to, it sucks.  I now have accountability again as well as the prayer support that I have already had.  I hate accountability.  I also love accountability.  My husband loves me.  My God loves me enough to put people in my life who won't let me slide.  How does one get the desire to eat back?  Why on earth are so many people so supportive of me as I journey through this?  Don't any of you realize how crazy I actually am?!? I'm so glad that I have the love of so many to help me back up when I fall and to bring me before the Father when I can't seem to get there on my own.  Thanks.  I still think you are crazy for not knowing I'm crazy but I still appreciate it! 

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