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Sunday, January 30, 2011

ladybug butterfly

I have always had a "thing" for ladybugs.  When I was a very little girl my mom and my "I wish she really were" Grandma started (independently of each other) calling me ladybug.  It was something special about me.  I have spent my life enjoying every ladybug picture that I have ever seen.

I have been recently given a new nickname by my friends in my group therapy.  I am the butterfly of the group.  I LOVE hearing this, simply because the reason people have been calling me butterfly is because I am opening up my wings for the first time and showing beauty.  It really makes me feel special.  Anyway, I was thinking about those buggy nicknames the other day.  Ladybugs are pretty but it is their hard shell like wings that make them pretty.  Their wings protect them from getting hurt and make them a bit more "durable" than many bugs. 

Butterflies are also beautiful, but far more delicate.  Their lifespan may be short but it is wrought with purpose and beauty, plus they come from ugliness and become beautiful.  I think in the past, ladybug definitely was a more suited "mascot" for me.  I may have looked pretty but it was really the hard shell like wings that guarded my heart that were pretty.  I also think that now butterfly is more suited for me.  I don't for a million years think that I am "there" (wherever there is) but I feel much more purposed and beautiful.  I'm also emerging from a lot of ugliness.

This weekend I was on a ladies retreat with my MOPS group.  It was really funny because they don't know about the intensive and therapy yet but on Friday evening just as I walked into the meeting room my friend said, "Open your wings and fly, you beautiful butterfly!"  I'm not going to lie, my mouth dropped open.  I asked her how she knew to call me that.  She looked rather confused and said she was just talking and I happened to be there right at that moment.  It was cool.

I have a bit of an obsessive personality about things when I get into something.  Yes, I am a bit obsessive about butterflies right now.  They seem to be everywhere.  And seriously, I love everyone I see (especially this one which was given to me by the first friend to call me butterfly!)

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