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Friday, January 7, 2011

something worth fighting for

Today at MOPS we had a fabulous speaker.  He gave a story that I'm sure few eyes stayed completely dry (even those of us who didn't cry, still felt the mother emotions in us get a little teary).  In the summer time in Florida a boy asked his mom if he could go swimming.  Mom says yes and watches from the window as he tears out the back door, shedding clothes as he ran to the pier.  As he is swimming she sees a "log" in the water and realizes it is a gator and it is headed for her son.  She runs out and screams for the boy to swim back in because there was a gator.  He swims to the shore and as she grabs his arm to pull him out, the gator got his legs.  A vicious tug of war was going on.  A sheriff passed the scene, realized what was happening, pulled out his gun and shot the gator.  The boys legs were mangled and they weren't sure if he was even going to make it.  He did indeed pull through and it was the hot news story.  A reporter came to interview the boy and being all boy he asked, "Do you want to see my scars?!?"  The boy pulled up his pant legs and showed the scars where the alligator had mangled him.  Then he pulled up his sleeves and said, "And these scars here on my arms are where my mom wouldn't let go of me!"

The story choked me up a little.  The question after made a tear slip out.  Our speaker pointed out that the mom of that little boy held on to him and wouldn't let him go no matter what.  Then he said it.  "Don't you think there is something inside of you that is worth holding on to and fighting to save?"  My single tear slid down my face.  The answer is no.

I see the gold in everyone around me.  I see the beauty in the amazing moms I see around me at MOPS.  I see the strength in those around me who may not see it in themselves.  I would fight tooth and nail to save any one of them.  I see something worth fighting for in them.  And while a part of me still wants to fight for me, an equal part of me doesn't see something worth fighting for.  What a double standard I live! 

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