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Sunday, May 29, 2011

in the image of God

Dear Beautiful,
     I made you and I have never made a mistake.  I made those blue eyes that you are thankful for.  I made those thighs that you criticize.  I designed the tender compassion you feel so strongly for others.  I made you with thought and care, you were not and are not a mistake.  I thought out every detail of your being long before I created you.  You are exactly the way I wanted you to be.  I fashioned those long "piano fingers" as your grandmother called them.  I saw your smile in my mind before it ever appeared on your face.  I knew your heart before you did.  It is not a coincidence or the way you were raised that you love to read and write, I created that in you.  I knew you would love the spring time lilacs just as much as I do and that the beauty of the blooming trees would sing to your heart.  You are beautiful because I am beautiful and you were made in my image.  I did some great work when I made you.  I am not ashamed of you.  Quite opposite, I am so proud when I see you.  I see beauty you think you only dream of.  I see courage and strength that you don't even know exist.  I look at you and I see Me.  I see what I have created and it is good. 

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