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Saturday, May 21, 2011

keep it down

I slow cooked a roast today.  It fell apart when I touched a fork to it.  It is exactly perfect for a roast.


I am so repulsed because I just read an article on how to cook which cuts of meat.   The article not only told you which parts will be most tender (as well as how to cook them perfectly) it also mentioned why the different parts are more tender.  I am a total dork when it comes to anatomy, it grosses me out.  Thinking about muscles and tendons sends serious shivers up my spine.  Knowing which muscles and tendons from the animal that I am eating makes it even worse.

Wow, so grossed out.  Gotta keep it down.  Gotta eat.  Suddenly being a vegetarian has an appeal that I never knew.  I've always liked meat, and being seriously iron deficient has added more meat into my diet.  But seriously, I am having a MAJOR mental block right now!

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