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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

not perfect but that is GOOD

Wha? Did that crazy girl just say that not perfect is good? Yep, I sure did.  Let me tell you the story.  This morning after dropping my youngest off at school I had the rare thing happen of having my car completely empty, no kids, no radio, just me and God.  See for me, the whole concept of being still and knowing He is God is usually best achieved in the car driving or in the shower. 

So this morning I felt led to just listen, to be still and know.  In this time of listening to the Lord, I was suddenly and profoundly aware of the fact that I am not perfect and not only is that ok, but it is good as well.  He reminded me that if I could achieve the perfection that I seek, then why would I need Him?  If I could try hard enough and succeed at being the perfection that I desire, then the sacrifice of Jesus was for naught.  It is through Him that I can approach a holy God, not through anything I have ever done or will ever do.

God knows I am not perfect, that is why He sent His son Jesus to become sin for me that I may then become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.  God loves me in my imperfection.  He meets me where I am.  When I am weak, His strength is perfected.  The harder I struggle and strive, the less room I give Him to work in me and the less room I give Him to shine through me.

I am not perfect.  
God doesn't expect me to be perfect.
It is more than ok, it is good.

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