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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


My beautiful state is on fire.  I hate this.  We haven't had wildfires like this in 10 years and these are worse than even then.  One in particular has me feeling sick to my stomach.  My dear friend, the one who would be the legal guardian of my children if something happened to both me and Hubby, is in the path of this particular fire.

The fire above is about a half mile from her work and about three and a half miles from her apartment.  She is one of those you are hearing about under mandatory evacuation.  Yesterday it was voluntary evac, today it is mandatory.

One of the fires is just less than an hours drive south from me, to a place Hubby and I have visited regularly.  Another of those fires is about 40 minutes drive west from me. 

My home isn't in the fire path but my beautiful state is being ravished by fires that won't stop and wind that is carrying those fires farther.  There are 26 wildfires in the United States tonight, 12 of them are in Colorado.

You can smell the smoke in town now.  The view, once gorgeous, is now hazy with smoke.  It breaks my heart.  My childhood sanctuaries are being threatened by flames.  And there isn't any rain at all predicted in the 10 day forcast and only 2 days that will be below 90. 

It makes me feel sick.  Honestly, it scares me a little bit even though I'm not directly in the fire path.  I want to cry, and not just because the smoke has my eyes watering and stinging. 

I'm worried for my friend.  I'm worried for her safety, mentally as well as physically. 



  1. Thinking of you all over there, and hoping the fires are controlled as soon as possible x

  2. we have a few fires here in utah that are threatening some homes and smoke is so crazy and every and many many people are being evacuated, but it sounds so much more crazy in colorado. my prayers are with you are your friends for sure! ; ) and hopefully the firefighters can contain the fires really soon!

  3. Thinking of you and every living being impacted by the fires... praying for you and the animal critters that as much peace comes through as possible during this wild time.