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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Sincerity in my mind is synonymous with kindness.  It is being who you say you are.  It is meaning it when you ask how someone is.  It is caring.  It is gentle.  It is honest.  It is genuine.

I've always felt sincere.  I haven't always trusted others to be sincere though.  I believe people are who they say they are.  I believe what they say about themselves.  I just didn't believe when they said they cared about me though.  I never thought that I was worth caring about so I didn't trust the sincerity of others when they cared about me.

I think it is a little funny now though.  I believe the best in someone but I don't believe the best part that maybe they actually WANT to be around me, maybe they actually CARE about me, maybe their sincerity goes beyond themselves.

I treasure sincerity.  It is a quality in myself that I have always known.  Sincerity is a quality in others that I admire.  Sincerity is love in action.  It is how we truly bear one another's burdens.  It is how we restore each other.  And when we trust it in others, it is what restores us.

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